About Crystal Signatures

For over fifteen years, Crystal Signatures has been creating concepts and producing unique crystal awards and crystal gifts for corporations as a way to: Recognize, Reward, Motivate, Congratulate.

We emphasize crystal because of the dynamic talents of world-renowned crystal designer Peter Wayne Yenawine, President and Chief Designer of Crystal Signatures.

In addition to crystal, other materials are available such as: Precious metals, Leather, Pewter, Porcelain Corian®.

Under Mr. Yenawine’s directions, Crystal Signatures has been commissioned by major corporations at all levels, the past five Presidential administrations, and sponsors of international professional sporting events and nationally televised award shows.

Regardless of the size of your order or project, the same process will be used to develop a unique, conceptualized product for you or your client.  By using Crystal Signatures you are ensured of the highest quality and value within your budget.

What is crystal?

Since the sixteenth century, when Venetian glass workers raised the production of crystal to an art form, connoisseurs the world over have treasured this fine material.

Full lead crystal is made from a mixture of silica (sand), potash and lead oxide. To be considered “full lead crystal,” the content of lead oxide must be at least 24 percent. It is this mixture that offers exceptional clarity and prismatic colors.

The various constituents of full lead crystal are melted in clay crucibles, known as “pots,” in large furnaces. The materials used to make a crystal-melting furnace must be able to withstand very high temperatures. The lining of the furnace must not contaminate the molten glass in any way, as this would produce small seeds and stones in the final product. The components are heated to at least 2,400 degrees Celsius until molten and red-orange in color. The temperature is then slowly reduced to the “working” temperature.

Color in glass is produced by the presence of metallic oxides. If a clear, colorless crystal is desired, extraordinary precautions must be taken during the mixing and melting processes to assure absolute purity. The slightest trace of foreign matter will result in flaws and discoloration.

Full lead crystal making requires unique manufacturing technologies because the material must be worked while extremely hot and the forming operations must be completed in a very short time. Each piece, created by hand, is worked on by as many as seven craftspeople. This hand process results in a truly unique piece of full lead crystal.

The ancient art of cutting and polishing crystal to create unmatched brilliance and beauty has been kept alive by Crystal Signatures, Inc.


The Process

From Your Vision to Our Masterpiece

1. Initial Phase
From the onset of any program, to best utilize our services, please contact our consultants with the initial parameters of the event.
2.  Crystal Signatures Creative Meeting
The creative team, headed by Peter Yenawine, will then assimilate the information, translating the parameters into a tangible, meaningful concept.  (Several concepts may result from this meeting.)

3.  Design
The concepts are refined and translated into ideas for unique product(s).  These ideas are sketched, rendered and/or modeled by our art department for visualization purposes and initial costing.

4.  Presentation
The concepts and/or product(s) are then presented as a sketch and/or model to aid you in visualizing the final design.

5.  Project Coordination
Upon approval of the design, a project coordinator will be assigned to personally oversee the development of the program and will be able to communicate updates and answer any questions for you throughout the process

Crystal Artists

Peter Yenawine

Peter Yenawine

President & Chief Designer

Meet Peter

Steven Correia

Steven Correia

Crystal Artist

Meet Steven

Katherine DeSousa

Katherine DeSousa

Crystal Artist

Meet Katherine