PicforADPeter Yenawine and Eileen Borgeson are pinnacling their joint 75 years of experience in creating crystal art and are ‘joining forces’ to produce crystal sculptures worthy of the historic and personal milestones we’re seeing in this 21st century.

Space travel and exploration, our exciting next frontier and adventure, plus global communications, are growing exponentially creating new historic breakthroughs and milestones and adding numerous individual teams and companies deserving of richly inspirational and respectful recognition. Their passion is to create priceless ‘physical artifacts’ worthy of recognizing these significant historic events and individuals.

Peter and Eileen’s first collaboration was an 11 piece crystal/carved/neon lobby installation (Westlake Building, S.F. 1980’s, Munselle/Ted Brown Architects). Prior to “Celestial Wings”, was a glistening crystal cheesecake for Oakbrook Engraving and the Cheesecake Factory.

Adding to their fine art pieces and installations, both Peter and Eileen are highly respected for their iconic, museum quality recognition pieces which reside in museums, corporate and private collections, palaces, and numerous award trophy cases.